Things not to do on a first date with an escort

By | July 5, 2018

It is easy to make mistakes when you first start to date escorts. A friend of mine recently started to date girls from Wokingham escorts in, and he made some really serious mistakes. If he would have told me that he wanted to date escorts, I would have told him that there are some things that you simply don’t do. However, once you are a veteran at dating escorts, it is easier said than done pointing out people‚Äôs mistake to them.


Wokingham escorts may not be the most exclusive escort agency, but it is still an escort service where you get a lot of young clever girls who are bound to be rather quick on the uptake. My friend said that the girl he had met from the escort service in Wokingham was very friendly, and I am sure that he is right. But when a girl is super friendly to you, I think that you need to be extra careful. For some reason, my friend decided it would be smart to tell this girl how much he earned per year. That is something that I would never do.


Should you bring an escort a present on the first date? The problem with doing that is that the girl may think that she is going to get a present every time. I have never brought a girl a present on my first date with her. It just looks like you are after something, and at the same time, she will think that she is going to get a present the next time you come. My friend bought a nice perfume for the girl he hooked up with at Wokingham escorts.


What about leaving a massive tip? It is popular to leave very big tips at some of the elite escort agencies in London, but I don’t think that it would be expected at Wokingham escorts. Besides, once again this is something that I never do on a first date. I leave a small tip and if I decide to see the girl again, I may even leave her a larger tip next time. But I don’t feel that I am obliged to tip big all of the time. But tip big was exactly what my friend did. So, the girl he dated at Wokingham escorts received both a present and a big tip. She must have thought it was her lucky day.



It is in general better to take things a little bit easy and slow on the first date. I know that you are hooking with this really pretty girl and she is probably getting you all excited. It is a special feeling the first time you date an escort and I suspect my friend wanted to make the girl from Wokingham escorts feel really special. I am sure that he managed to do that, but at the same time, I think that he went a little bit over the top. Sure, he was trying to be nice, but if he would have asked me, I would have told him what to do and what not do.


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