The mistake I regretted in my life and broke up with a London escort.

By | July 6, 2018



One of our biggest mistake in life is to create a decision that can destroy our relationship. A relationship we took care for so long. People have been with us that the only intention is to love and make us feel care. How fool and dub we are, to betray someone who deserves everything in the world? Someone who has to care for our life so much and make it amazing. Life may full of challenges in life but having them, we can surpass it all. To love someone is everything, they are our treasures in life, especially if they only did is to love and care for our soul. To have someone in your life, can make you a better person, you become more inspired to do everything you like, to continue living and make the best of it. Love gives us the reason to make our life more colorful; they add happiness to it. Love helps us to overcome our illness; the person’s love and comfort heal us. When we are in love it feels like we are in cloud nine, the earth feels like paradise and its the most beautiful feeling in the world. To have someone that understands you and make you feel special, to have someone that makes you feel good when you’re in a bad mood. Love is our source of happiness and strength; we feel more joy when we have someone on our side, we look to the world as beautiful as it is. We appreciate more and make the best of it. When we are in love, everything becomes less, such as less drama, less bad habits and many more. Love changes us to someone better, someone who has goals in life. When we are in a relationship with someone, we must learn to be content. We should avoid taking actions that can ruin the relationship. We should care for and respect the connection we built.


But how sad, I have done wrong to someone that only did is to love me, through my worsts and best of me. I am so lucky enough to have her, but still, I got the guts to lie and cheat her. And now, what I have is memories. I still can recall how we met, she works as a London escort, and in that time my business is just starting, and I am looking for someone that is affordable to accompany, and then I book her. She is indeed beautiful and has nice personalities. I have pursued her to the point she has developed feelings with me, we were so happy back then, we laugh, we cry, we make out of love and just so in love to each other. She is away for a week, and I have missed her so much, to forget the pain I drunk in the pub and have a romance with another woman. And the woman has a picture on us and post it to social media, and its a coincidence they are friends on facebook. So, she broke up with me and cut off all the communications, and now I am suffering the outcome of my doings.

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