To get over my past relationship and become a Victoria Escort

By | July 18, 2018



All of us experienced heartbreak, and we know how painful it is to deal. A lot of times I feel broken and sad. To remember all the things I went through, still makes me cry at night and blame myself. Love is a beautiful feeling, yes it is. All of us know how love changes us to become better and well. It helps us to reach our dreams in life, and goals. Love is the reason why we get excited to wake up each day and face tomorrow with a grateful heart. We know someone loves us and wait for us. We know that love gives us an extremely happiness, a joy that we can only find in one person. A pleasure that you don’t want to end and keep to experience.

We see ourselves happy even in the simple things and learn to appreciate everything in our life. We understand the people around us. We learn to go beyond in our life. We are more motivated to go with our life, we are not afraid anymore to take risks, and have a good life. We go beyond and experience the beauty of life. We find ourselves happy with simple things; we find ourselves inspired to have a beautiful life. We want to improve ourselves for our partner; we want them to notice us and everything we have done. We want to have a good body, go to the gym and starts eating healthy. We want to have a good life, and give them the best. But sometimes, it is also the reason why we are depressed and feel lonely. Even in a single day, I don’t think of wrong in our relationship, or we could break, but we don’t hold our fate. Sometimes unexpected things happen for us to be ready for a new journey.

Perhaps, the process of moving on is laborious, and not all of us can pass it through that quickly, some people take years to move on entirely, but the scars are still there. We are twelve years together with my ex-boyfriend. We live together; we are pleased, e love each other company, etc. But never in my mind that we could lose each other. I also don’t want to become an option because it is more painful. He cheated with me, saw him and he admitted. I choose to leave because that is the least I can do, to free ourselves and move on. To forget him, I went to London. I choose to stay in Victoria, its part of the country and began my life there. I work as a Vicotria escort from, and it helped me mentally and emotionally. I find many friends and meet different people, sharing our stories together. Until one day I woke up, without pain and happy in myself.

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