I decided to give it a try anyway at my London escorts apartment

By | September 11, 2019

It sounded like a fun idea, and I thought that if I started to apply the techniques on a small scale first of all, I would found out if it worked for me or not. The first place I started was my little office desk that I had bought from Ikea. If anything could change the fortune of my office desk, it would be Feng shui.


To be honest, I giggled to myself as I started to clean the desk. I moved all of the clutter away from the desk, and then placed the lap top back. It was during an hour’s break with London escorts of so I had nothing to lose. The first thing that I placed on my desk after my lap top, was a stick of bamboo. It was just one of those cheap little sticks that you buy in the supermarket, but I was hoping that it would at least have some sort of effect.


The second did was to ask one of my gents that I know well at London escorts to bring me a fat little Buddha next time that he travelled to London. He seemed to know what I was talking about right away, and said that Fengshui had worked very well for him. I could not believe it, but he really seemed to believe in it. The next time he turned up, he did turn up with a Buddha and a few Chinese coins to place as Buddha’s feet.


I also placed something red on my desk. At first it was just an old pair of frilly knickers that I used to wear at London escorts, but eventually I bought myself a pretty red vase for the bamboo which actually seemed to be doing pretty well. According to the energy principle in Feng shui, my desk was now ready to go and I should expect to do well. I kept on smiling at that desk, but I did not change anything about it all.


A couple of weeks later, things started to change in my life. For some reason, I managed to find an apartment to buy at the right price. My business with London escorts started to do even better and I was soon dating left right and center. I kept looking at that desk and started to wonder if it had something to do with it. Today, I am one of the busiest girls at the escort agency, and I love to look after my Feng shui investment as I call. My new place is decorated to Feng shui principles and things are going great for me. It could be that there is something to this Fenshui thing after all. I would certainly recommend that you tried it. You never know, you may just be in luck.

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