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12 Best Vacation Spots To Get Laid

Not only are all of the places on our list great for some interesting adult activities … If you are looking for your next international vacation destination, and sex is high up on your list of priorities, you should also take a look at our list of …

There’s A Cheeky Trend Happening In Vacation Photos

We all have them, and there’s a new Instagram trend showcasing butts on vacation. Cheeky exploits is both the name … The Independent offers a hilarious, tone-deaf, and sex-negative opinion of the trend. Though writer Julia Buckley allows that the butt …

The reasons why you shouldn’t buy Viagra online

  The Internet is full of sexual performance enhancing drugs and you should at all times be careful. There are some safe alternatives out there such as the amino acids, and herbal alternatives. However, Hackney escorts from would like you all to know that the herb Ginseng can be dangerous as well. It can “knock… Read More »