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Do You Only Have Sex on Vacation?

Sex on vacation is great! You’re more relaxed, you’re in a new environment (which stimulates dopamine – the chemical which helps control the pleasure and reward system in the brain), so that’s exciting, plus your regular life and chores are left …

Best sex positions for a pregnant woman

Some women even confess that once their stomachs begin to protrude, their husbands simply go on sex vacation, refusing to have sex with … even long before your stomach shoots out. So, what is the best sex position during pregnancy?

Swedish town proposes sex breaks for workers

Workers in Sweden already enjoy some of the best benefits in the world, like 25 days of paid vacation a year … proposed a novel way to make people’s lives even better: Paid sex breaks. According to The New York Times, Per Erik Muskos, who is …

6 Sex Experts Share Their Absolute Best Piece of Advice

A few ideas to get you started: surprise her with a photo from your last vacation together … “It will instantly change your sex life,” swears Laurel House, dating coach and co-host of The Great Love Debate podcast. “More than you talking, you …

Are You Having Enough Sex?

“Good sex appears to outshine plentiful sex,” the researchers … The researchers flashed a photo of their partner on the screen before displaying words (e.g., vacation, poison), which the participants had to classify as positive or negative.