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Best Gay Destinations 2016: An LGBTQ Travel Guide

This US territory complied with the 2015 and has legalized same-sex marriages, even on its shining shores … Here’s how you can use it on your iOS or Android mobile to get the best vacation you could have imagined. The I-Pace Concept: Jaguar’s First …

How to Have Sex with the Kids Around

If you are having a difficult time coming up with an exotic vacation for you and your significant … you might notice your nether regions are red and irritated. The best treatment for this is to avoid sex for a few days until your vagina has healed.

6 Great Dates That Could Definitely Lead To Sex, Ranked

When you have sex in a novel place, your brain gets a big rush of dopamine, which controls the reward center of your brain, making things feel extra nice. Long story short, a staycation (or a legit vacation … be able to do. Good stuff.

10 Couples Reveal What Their Hottest Sex Ever Was Like

Try it: Visit a place that you went to on one of your first dates—or where you had great sex—to bring back those loving feelings. “On our most recent vacation, my wife and I took a train from Russia to France,” says Ken, 48, married to Josie …

Are you bored with your sex life (II)

So, vacations afford couples the many opportunities to have sex. Talking about vacation … I have packaged some of my previous articles into a book with the title: ENJOYING GREAT SEXLIFE. You can call me for details.

The 9 Circles Of Vacation Hell

There almost certainly won’t be sex, regardless of how much you technically want to … Very few people have returned from a good vacation a whole lot skinnier. Scientists have even made a study about this very thing, and how the entirety of its abstract …